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Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

Fun Facts

Family Rating: Must Join the Hunt/Fishing to enjoy
Lodge Rating: Rustic but Nice Lodge
Lodge Capacity: 6 hunters
Age appropriate: 8 years and up
Season: September to November
Location: Riverton, WY
Nearest Airport: Casper, WY
Holiday Options: Fall, Fall Break
Activities: Hunting
Species: Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Whitetail Deer

Why Family Expeditions?

Ask the Expert

Your questions matter to us! What would you like to know about Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt?

Our First-Hand Experience

Kevin spent an amazing week with the owner of this boutique company touring the various properties as they offer Colorado, Kansas and other amazing areas.  The entire Family Expeditions team hunted Kansas for giant whitetail so we are very familiar with each of the properties.  Back to Wyoming, Kevin was in awe of the setup here.  Imagine a lush green oasis in the middle of the desert where game travels from miles around to feed on alfalfa.  He was stunned at the amount of animals he saw daily.  Add to that the warm lodging and staff that genuinely cares about each hunters comfort and success.  We have searched for literally two decades to find an outfitter of this integrity and high success at reasonable prices out west.  Our team trusts this outfitter and looks forward to sending numerous guests to him over the decades to come.

Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt

We are extremely excited about this fantastic Wyoming elk hunt, mule deer, whitetail & antelope hunt opportunity!  We have literally looked for over a decade to find a reasonably priced, low pressure, high success, trophy quality hunt with virtually a 100% success of drawing tags.

Over 200,000 acres near Riverton, WY in the south-central part of the state with elevations from 6,700’ to 9,200’.  It is located along the infamous Green Mountain Range. This is incredible historical ranch has diverse terrain ranging from scenic timbered mountains and canyons to river bottom along the Sweetwater River. There are beautiful rolling open grasslands, lush sage, willow bottoms, canyons and high rock ridges. You can glass for game up to 2-3 miles away from most places on the ranch.

Home of the Pony Express Trail back in the days of the “wild west”, messengers rode through this ranch and a few of the original rest stations are still standing today. There are literally thousands of wild horses roaming this area today.

BUT, HERE’S THE BEST PART! Since the ranch installed 4 water pivots along the Sweetwater River over 25 years ago game enjoys 640 acres of lush alfalfa! With no other food source similar to this for over 70 miles in any direction, game animals swarm to this ranch in huge numbers!  Now…all that being said, droughts do happen which make a big difference in the opportunity rates here. Wyoming Elk Hunt and Mule Deer Hunt3

A resident elk herd roams freely in the alpine mountainous regions of the ranch. Large numbers of mule deer, whitetail and pronghorn antelope reside in the lower sage and grasslands on the ranch. With minimal hunting pressure and the best food source for miles this ranch provides hunters the chance for true trophy elk, mule deer and record book antelope.

They limit the number of trophies hunted each year to 6 elk, 6 mule deer, 5 whitetail and 3 antelope.

Accommodations & Meals


There is a very nice 2 story ranch house that overlooks part of the alfalfa fields so you can enjoy watching game every day from the deck. There are 5 bedrooms with 3 ½ baths.

Meals / Daily Schedule:

Good meals are a part of this experience. Start your day early with a continental breakfast consisting of various Danishes, fresh fruit, juices and coffee before heading out for the morning hunt. Return around 11:00 AM for a big, hot brunch consisting of favorites like breakfast burritos, French toast, pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and more. After brunch you and your guide will head out for the afternoon hunt returning for a delicious dinner with favorites like steaks, spaghetti, fajitas, chicken fried steak and more. Everyone loves the meals and no one goes hungry!

BYOB: Alcohol is not included or provided. Please bring your own.


The Hunting: ALL physical capabilities and special needs can be met as needed!

The ranch consists of 19,000 private acres, 200,000 acres of public land and exclusive rights to another adjoining 1 million acres of BLM land. The public land is land-locked so no one else has access. The lodge and irrigated food plots are on the 19,000 private acres.

This is a classic western style hunt with a lot of spot & stalk hunting, riding ranch roads in trucks or ATV’s and glassing. Setting up for an ambush works well here as you pattern the game moving in and out of the alfalfa fields as well. These tactics work well for all species.

This amazing ranch only offers 6 bull elk, 6 mule deer buck and 4-5 whitetail buck hunts each year! Because the antelope tag takes so long to draw they only do 2-3 each year. Under normal conditions you will see over a hundred elk, mule deer, antelope and whitetail each per day!

Elk Hunting: ONLY 6 Bulls Annually
Rifle season is only October 1-14

This ranch consists of both “Trophy” Unit 24 and “General” Unit 128. Unit 24 requires 12 preference points to draw a tag while Unit 128 only requires 1 preference point. It’s extremely rare for hunters to have a tag for Unit 24 so our outfitter does the hunting on Unit 128.

What’s this mean to you? That you get to hunt the same top quality trophy herds as they hunt in Trophy Unit 24! In addition, the lodge only offers 6 elk and 6 mule deer each year so the ranch is like a quiet sanctuary with the best food source for miles. That’s why there are so many elk on this ranch. They love to come to the alfalfa each day just before dark and slip out early in the morning.

Rifle season is only October 1-14 and there are normally only 2-3 hunters on each hunt. The bugle is still going strong but bulls typically won’t come to your calls or decoys as they do in September. You won’t believe the number of elk you will see on this hunt!

Realistic expectations are for a 290-330 gross SCI bull. 333 is the biggest so far.

Mule Deer: Region Q: ONLY 6 Bucks Annually
Region Q Mule Deer rifle season is October 15-19

This hunt is usually a combination of setting up ambushes as big bucks move in and out of the alfalfa as well as watching bucks bed down during the middle of the day and then making a plan to stalk in for the shot. Region Q Mule Deer rifle season is October 15-19.  There should be 6 hunters in camp.

Mule Deer: realistic expectations are for a 160-180 gross B&C. Their best is 215 and they took a 192 in 2018.

Management hunts are an option as well. You are looking for 3×3, 3×4, fork-horned, etc. It’s up to your guide to make the decision if it’s a management buck or not.

Whitetail: Hunt Area #97: ONLY 4-5 Bucks Annually
Rifle season runs October 15-November 30

This hunt is usually a combination of setting up ambushes as big bucks move in and out of the alfalfa as well as watching bucks bed down during the middle of the day and then making a plan to stalk in for the shot. Rifle season runs October 15-November 30.

Realistic expectations are 130’s-140’s gross B&C but they have seen 170’s in the past. Their best scored 169 gross B&C. If you want more meat to take home you can shoot up to 2 doe on this hunt for additional $250 per doe.


Antelope: Unit 68: ONLY 2-3 Bucks Annually
Rifle season runs Sept 21-Oct 22

One of Central Wyoming’s best hunts of all time is the Pronghorn Antelope. Unit 68 offers some of the finest trophy antelope hunting a person can find nationwide. Since 2009 they have only taken 1 buck that did not make the Boone & Crockett minimum score OF 82 for the record book! With 100% success since 2009, they have taken bucks ranging from 78 inches to 89 6/8ths.

Spot & stalk, ground blinds and tree-stands are all possible hunting options. There are normally 2-3 hunters in camp each hunt.

This hunt requires hunters to secure a tag through the Wyoming Game and Fish and takes as many as 6 to 7 preference points to secure the tag.

Rifle season runs Sept 21-Oct 22. Their best rifle buck was 89 6/8.


This is a passionate group of guides that work together well and really know the ranch and game habits. Each guide is required to have a spotting scope with them and they are trained in both First-Aid and CPR.

License / Preference Point Information: (NO LEFTOVER TAGS IN THIS AREA)

Our outfitter will handle buying your preference points and your license for your convenience. There is a small fee to buy a preference point and again to apply for your license. See fee details in “not included” items below.

Mule Deer: SPECIAL rifle tags are 100% draw success with 0 preference points. You will always buy the special license for this hunt.

Whitetail tags: so far 1 preference point has guaranteed a tag. 0 points is about 50/50 odds.

Elk tags: you have 2 options for your guaranteed elk tag. You can buy 1 preference point and then buy a “Special” license for the following year or buy 2 preference points and then buy the General license. The second option means your hunt is 2 years out.

Antelope: you will need 6-7 preference points to draw this fantastic trophy tag.

Preference points are available from July 1-Oct 31 and you can purchase 1 point per year.  Applications for your license are done in January. All fees for licenses, points, etc are subject to change by the state. See fees below.

Physical Condition Needed:

You will enjoy this trip more if you are in good physical condition.  However, with a good road system on the ranch they can cater to your needs with the use of vehicles as much as you wish.


Depending on your hunt date, fishing may be available.

Length of Stay / Itinerary

Arrive arrival day afternoon to shoot your rifle and settle in. Hunt the next 5 full days. Depart after breakfast the following day.

Travel Details & Location

Commercial and private planes fly into Casper/ Natrona County International Airport (CPR). You can rent a car for the 1:30-2 hour drive or the lodge can pick you up for a fee.

Internet & Communications

There is limited Wi-Fi and pretty good cell service with AT&T and Union. Verizon does not work here.


2022 Prices:

Elk Hunt:
6 nights/ 5 full hunting days
$9,500 1X1 Guided
$7,500 2×1 Guided

Mule Deer:
6 nights/ 5 full hunting days
$8,500 1×1 Guided TROPHY
$6,500 2×1 Guided TROPHY

$6,500 1X1 Guided MGMT
$4,500 2×1 Guided MGMT

Combo Elk & Mule Deer:
10 nights/ 9 full hunting days
$17,000 1×1 Guided
$15,000 2×1 Guided

6 nights/ 5 full hunting days
$5,750 1×1 Guided
$3,750 2×1 Guided

4 nights/ 3 full hunting days
$5,500 1×1 Guided
$3,500 2×1 Guided

Trip Insurance & Cancellation Info

Trip Insurance & Cancellation Info

Trip insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment on this trip. We will assist you with trip insurance upon booking. See links at the bottom of this page for the two providers we suggest for our clients.

Family Expeditions, LLC confirmation and refund policy:

If your trip is more than 90 days out from date of departure, a 50% non-refundable deposit confirms your reservation and must be received within 10 days of booking to confirm your dates. All trips must be paid in full at least 90 days prior to the departure date. If your trip date is within 90 days, FULL payment for the trip is required. All payments to Family Expeditions are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your trip, we will do everything in our power to assist you in finding a suitable substitute or transferring your dates per the lodge/providers/government requirements. Trip insurance protects your investment!

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