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Argentina Big Game Hunting, Bird Hunting, and Touring Trip Recap 2023

Josie and Kevin have returned from a two and a half week check-out tour of Argentina where they visited 5 big game

Horseback riding through the diverse Argentinian countryside

hunting lodges, 3 bird hunting lodges, and 3 touring destinations! As a result, we are offering more amazing combination hunting/touring trips in this amazing country! Continue reading for a short recap of their trip.


Big Game Hunting

Argentina is known for its Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Fallow, Axis, Blackbuck and

more! They loved seeing so many of these spectacular animals throughout their travels. Some of their highlights were:

  • Watching a large herd of water buffalo fighting and chasing. They gave Josie some great poses to take pictures of as they looked at them and scratched themselves with the trees.
  • Touring some of the most diverse properties of up to 85,000 acres that Kevin had ever experienced in Argentina. They would flow effortlessly from dense brush to grass-covered hills to tree-spotted plains. This has created a diverse ecosystem on each property we visited. It was amazing to see how suddenly the terrain would shift as if there was an invisible barrier separating the areas.

    Majestic Red Stag

  • Stalking free range and high fence Red Stag ranging from 250 to 500+ SCI points. These majestic creatures were a sight to behold. It was also Josie’s first time seeing them up close which was very exciting for her.
  • Staying in a wide range of accommodations. The lodges they stayed at varied from a luxury eco-lodge with sleek interiors to an authentic ranch house with the ranch’s gauchos living nearby to a 50+ year old family home built with dark woods and filled with family memories.
  • Making friends with their guides and hosts at every stop. They all laughed and laughed and laughed at Kevin and Josie’s attempts to speak Spanish, stories from past hunts, and other trouble they got into throughout their stay. The people of Argentina are kind, helpful, and generous!


Bird Hunting

Anyone that knows Kevin knows that he will say that if he had one last trip to take it would be to hunt dove in Argentina. The bird hunting on this trip did not disappoint! This trip was Josie’s first introduction to a mixed-bag hunt, and she quickly understood why Argentina draws hunters from around the world. Their highlights:

Dove hunting near Buenos Aires

  • To say Argentina is an amazing destination for dove hunting would be an understatement. It is THE ULTIMATE destination for dove hunting. They had an unbelievable time talking trash to one another and shooting birds out from under each other. Josie loved dove hunting because she felt that her accuracy was better… or (as she admits) there were just more chances to succeed!
  • They experienced the most fun Perdiz hunt Kevin has ever had. They limited out in about 45 minutes! Fast flying birds were darting left and right to test their skills – and they both lived up to the challenge.
  • The duck hunting was a mix this trip. The first hunt was a fast action hunt! They took their limit in about an hour and a half as their guides called in birds and spotted incoming ones. The second was less than successful but there were literally hundreds of birds all around but they stayed on the water and did not fly – which is why they call it hunting!

    Duck hunting near Buenos Aires

  • Their guides and bird boys were all incredibly helpful, encouraging, and funny. They loved Josie’s reactions to hitting birds and were consistently giving encouraging advice to help them improve their skills. Kevin and Josie were sad to leave them!



The purpose of their time touring was to check out our new private touring guide. As a result, we can now offer a great variety of touring options around Argentina such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza wine country, Iguazu Falls, and Patagonia in addition to hunting.

Once the trip was over, Josie looked at Kevin and said, “I would go back and do another week of touring if we could!” Here were their highlights:

  • Even though Kevin has been to Buenos Aires many times, they wished they could have spent more time there. Having the right guide makes all the difference! Going to see a tango show, shopping, and eating their way through

    Iguazu Falls

    the city was their main focus throughout their stay. The city has a rich history, kind people, excellent shopping, and great food. They both purchased incredible leather goods – Josie two jackets and Kevin a Capybara vest.

  • The Mendoza wine country boasted incredible views, excellent wine, and top-notch cuisine. Neither Kevin or Josie are big wine drinkers, so they were unsure how this part of their trip would go, but the knowledge of the sommeliers at each winery and their tour guide had them locked in at every stop.
  • During their time in Mendoza, they also enjoyed a casual stroll (which about killed them after eating so much food and sitting around too much) through the national park at the foothills of the Andes mountain range. The views were spectacular. Everyone needs to do a hike or stroll during their stay in this area!
  • The final stop was Iguazu Falls, and oh man was it the cherry on top of an incredible trip! They spent two days

    Wine tasting in Mendoza

    touring the falls. One day on the Argentina side and one of the Brazil side, and they still can’t decide which was their favorite! They also took a boat ride on the river below the falls to see them up close. They laughed and laughed as they got sprayed with water and sped through the canyon.

  • Throughout their stay in each area, they enjoyed the best hotels and food to offer. They enjoyed views of the city, mountains, and waterfalls at their different stops. Massages, lots of cups of tea while enjoying the views, and excellent meals were priority at each 4 to 5-star hotel.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for the two of them. They loved getting to spend so much time together, create new memories, and add new lodges to our catalogue for our clients!


Lodges visited throughout their trip:

Argentina Luxury Red Stag Hunt – La Pampa

Argentina Rustic Red Stag Hunt

Argentina Family Red Stag Hunt

Argentina Ranch House Red Stag Hunt

Argentina Mixed Bag Wingshooting – Near Buenos Aires

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