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About Us

WHO are we?  An experienced family trip planning team traveling the globe for a combined 90+ years checking out the finest outdoor sporting lodges and resorts.  Once a destination receives the coveted Family Expeditions stamp of approval, our family team shares it with your family during the trip  planning process.  Family Expeditions is based in Birmingham, Alabama and was established in 2011.

Corinna Slaughter is unique in her love for the outdoors and adventure as well as luxury travel.  She spent her early years traveling Europe, Africa, Asia, South Pacific including an inspirational year living in Paris attending a French high school.  Paris will always have a special place in her heart.

Following these years, she began adventure/sporting travels that took her around the globe numerous times.  When you melt all these experiences into one person’s heart, you have an unusual combination for an outdoor trip planner.  If you can imagine the “Paris” side of Corinna combined with her “Tomboy” side as dedicated hunter and angler, then you have summed her up.  You could say she is well rounded in that she enjoys luxury travel and fine dining as much as she enjoys experiencing outdoor adventures and the tent life in Alaska or Africa.  Her experience is invaluable when planning an outdoor hunting, adventure or fishing trip that couples and/or everyone in the family will enjoy.

Corinna’s specialties include Africa, New Zealand, Europe and Alaska!  That being said, teamwork is how things are done at Family Expeditions.  When you ask us for advice about an upcoming adventure, everyone meets as a team to discuss the best possibilities for you.  You will find that your adventures become personal to Family Expeditions and Corinna and Kevin who care about every detail and your successful trip.

Corinna’s very first trip to the great Continent of Africa was in 1987.  When planning a vacation to Africa for hunting and/or touring, Corinna is your “go to” person.  You will hear the passion in her voice as she can hardly contain her love for the continent.  Europe and New Zealand rival her love for Africa.  She loves nothing more than sharing her love of travel with you.

Ask Corinna where her favorite destination is and she will tell you, “Wherever my next trip is”. As she walks onto an airplane for her next check out trip, she always whispers to herself, “This could be my last trip…enjoy every minute!”

Over the last decade, some hunting and fishing lodges have transformed their business models to cater to those that do not wish to “rough it”. Corinna has used her unique travel experienced to gather a collection of lodges around the globe that speak to this growing trend.

Corinna attended Hollins University in Virginia and graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Corporate Finance and Investment Management.  She has been customizing itineraries in the hunting and fishing industry for 14 years.  She is a devoted mother and wife.

Kevin Slaughter is an avid outdoors man of 46 years with 14 years experience as a trip planning specialist.  As a native of Dallas, Texas, Kevin grew up hunting and fishing with his father who instilled a deep appreciation of the outdoors and conservation.  For decades, Kevin’s adventures have taken him all over the globe from Africa to New Zealand, Europe, South America, North America, Central America and more.  His trophy room is filled with exciting memories and stories he loves to share.

Kevin has a unique ability to quickly discern well run hunting and fishing operations.  When you visit with Kevin for the first time, you will understand why he enjoys such a strong relationship with our clients and outfitters. He is extremely personable and quickly builds a trust relationship with everyone he encounters.  He is continuously traveling the globe checking out new locations before they are given the Family Expeditions stamp of approval.

When Kevin is not assisting you with great adventures, he spends one on one time mentoring young men and boys.  He loves his family, golf, basketball, his dogs (Bunny and Rabbit – named by our daughter of course), and watching deer in his back yard.

Kevin earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 15.  He is a past board member of the Alabama chapter of SCI and elder at his church.  Kevin graduated from Highland Park High School and SMU in Dallas.  He is a devoted father and husband and a man of integrity.

Josie Slaughter:  Josie’s marketing and eye for design are an integral part of Family Expeditions.  She designs the company trade show booths, gives her discerning eye to various projects including the design of marketing materials.

Since Josie was 13 years old, Josie has worked the trade shows for Family Expeditions in every position from trade show set up, greeter, to visiting with guests in the booth about potential travel.

As you can imagine, Josie has also been an essential “test child” over the years for destinations all over the globe.  Her travels have taken her to Africa seven times and counting, New Zealand, Europe, Central America, Bahamas, Alaska and around the United States.  She is an excellent critic of lodges and we have counted on her “expert” child opinion.

Josie graduated with an honors degree and B.S. in integrated marketing communications from the University of Mississippi.

Suzanne Walz:  Suzanne is the one that keeps us all operating smoothly and as a well oiled machine.  She keeps the details of all of the destinations current and is constantly checking for accuracy.  We are thankful for Suzanne’s excellent office skills and her constant effort to keep us current!  She too loves the outdoors and is passionate about caring for our clients worry free vacations.

Rob Saunders:  Without IT where would the world be?  Rob is in charge of our website.  He keeps us current in the techno world we all live in today.  We are an organized systems oriented team which means we want to make sure that every adventure we plan for you is detailed and thorough.   Once you plan your first adventure will know what to expect for future travels planned through us. Rob is invaluable in ensuring that we keep our systems updated and current.  He is instrumental in our family teams success.


WHAT do we do?

We walk hand in hand with your family designing your outdoor sporting vacation.  Some prefer an all hunting or fishing vacation, some a photo safari in Africa and others like a combination of hunting, fishing and touring.  You may have a mixed interest family where some want to hunt or fish while others like other activities, that is a common request for our family team.  Once your selection is made, we walk you through trip preparation, coordination of flights, travel insurance, how to pack and all other details so that you can “Just pack and show up!”

WHY do we do what we do?

We love sharing our passion for the outdoors with others.  Assisting families and couples in building lifetime memories together is our greatest reward.  We always look forward to visiting with you after your adventure to hear all about it.  That is a highlight for us!

WHERE do we go?

With our assistance, your family may choose from our proven destinations all over the globe.  Including but not limited to South America, Africa, United States, Alaska, Canada, Europe, Bahamas and Central America. 


Our commitment to your family/couple vacation is that you will be well cared for by experts in the field, worry free, engaged, comfortable and you will have memories to share for a lifetime.

How do we give back to the local community?

Over the last few years alone, we have donated over $250,000 to various charities through auctions.  Some of these include:  West Dallas Community School, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, School and Church auctions and more.

Outfitters making a difference?

As you wander through our website and visit various destinations, you will see a tab called, “Make a difference”.  When you click on this tab on various destinations, you will see the difference that outfitter is making in their local community.  Our outfitters are making a difference all over the globe and we are supporting their efforts by sending them like minded people like you.  The Family Expeditions team is dedicated to conservation and ethical hunting and fishing practices.  We want to do our part to preserve hunting and fishing for the next generation.


We love details!  You can relax because we have already addressed your concerns.  Our family will assist you with your flights, travel insurance, evacuation/medical rescue insurance, travel inoculation service at your work or home, the detailed information below and more.

What is included?

Every customized trip typically includes meals, lodging, and guides.  The information that we provide you will list every item that is included and not included in every adventure.

Find Your Perfect Adventure!

select one or more of the categories below to choose your adventure

Discerning travelers, if you do not see exactly the destination that you seek on our website do not lose heart. We are constantly visiting new destinations to give you the most cutting edge experiences. Email us or give us a call to discuss your next outdoor family vacation.