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Texas Shooting School

Texas Shooting School

Texas Shooting School

Texas Shooting School

Texas Shooting School

Texas Shooting School

Fun Facts

Family Rating: Must Join the Hunt/Fishing to enjoy, Great Couples Trip
Lodge Rating: Rustic but Nice Lodge
Lodge Capacity: 25
Season: All year around
Age Appropriate: 8 Year and older
Location: 2 1/2 hours from San Antonio
Nearest Airport: San Antonio
Holiday Options: Christmas, Fall Break, Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving
Activities: Firepit, Long Range Rifle
Species: Shooting School

Why Family Expeditions?

Ask the Expert

Your questions matter to us! What would you like to know about Texas Shooting School?

Our First-Hand Experience

We and numerous of our clients have been to this amazing lodge for both hunting and precisions shooting.  On our first visit there, Corinna and Kim (a friend/client) did a combo hunting and precision shooting school combo.  Corinna and Kim both shot a beautiful Blackbuck.  We were amazed at the game and some of it even wondered around the shooting range while we were shooting!

Laughter is the most common sound you will hear in the lodge at night.  Owner, Tim is a famous prankster and master story teller. He has a contagious laugh and a personality we were immediately drawn to.  We learned a lot about shooting that trip that has benefitted us on our hunting travels all over the world.  We shot a 700 yard plate during our brief stay and even outfitted a new custom gun.  Kevin and guests also visited and took advantage of the shooting school.  We have to say that it is more than just a shooting school, it is an experience.  We have had a number of clients visit and some have returned three times or more.

Texas Precision Shooting School

Improve your precision and safari shooting at this elite shooting school with instruction from former and active Marine special-ops instructors who are experienced hunters as well!  Take your family or two families and book the lodge exclusively.  Your host is one of the industries most endearing personalities with stories abounding.

At this lodge you can choose to spend your time strictly shooting with the instructors or you can combine shooting instruction with hunting.  As to the hunting aspect, species such as whitetail, Markhor, Nubian Ibex, Black buck, Axis and more are born on the ranch and live wild on 12,000 rugged and mountainous acres!

This is a fantastic location to introduce your family or beginning hunters to the sport of hunting or shooting.  For the veteran hunter looking to improve his/her skills, you will be amazed at how much there is still to learn.Texas Shooting School

For our clients that plan to hunt in Africa, New Zealand, Alaska, South America and other destinations we highly recommend that they visit this precision shooting school combined with their safari shooting instruction.  This is particularly beneficial for destinations where shooting sticks are used or natural shooting rests are used.  When considering trips that involve dangerous game animals, this is a must for preparation.  Lodges all over the globe have a policy that if game animals are wounded, the rest of your hunt will surround finding this animal for a merciful hunt.  If the animal is not found, you will still be responsible for paying the trophy fees.  As you are aware, many of these hunts are quite expensive and you are willing to purchase the finest equipment for the hunt.  It makes sense that along with purchasing the best equipment that you would also take the time to prepare with an excellent shooting school.

For groups of 8 or more, the ranch will be exclusive to your group.

Accommodations & Meals

The lodge has 11 very comfortable private cabins with in-suite baths, satellite television, Wi-Fi internet, and laundry facilities. Complete linen and towels are provided for you.  Your meals are home cooked and hearty.

The main living area features a fully stocked bar, two flat screen TV’s, game table and numerous trophies.

The Ranch:

The ranch is situated on over 12,000 acres of rugged hills and valleys, which are covered by a variety of oak trees, junipers and mountain laurel. Cactus blooms red and gold in the spring among an assortment of wildflowers – a breathtaking landscape, perfect for challenging hunts. The Ranch offers a wonderful retreat for corporate groups, families or individuals looking for a first class, quiet, welcoming place to hunt and relax.

The ranch provides an ideal habitat for trophy-class whitetail and wild, exotic species to thrive and grow as they would in their indigenous environments. Many of the introduced, exotic species may no longer be hunted in their native lands, and they strive to foster strong, healthy herds. The dedication to each animal’s wellbeing will be immediately evident upon observing them as they freely roam the hillsides and valleys. The Ranch’s management plan utilizes hunting as a means of conservation, and thus quotas and self-imposed limits are enforced. The lodge recommends anything between .270 and .300 caliber for all species on the ranch.


Precision Shooting School:

Instructors will help you improve your shooting and/or hunting skills in realistic situations out to 500 yards. You will learn the effects that ballistics and the environment (elevation, wind, and temperature) have on your weapons and ammunition and how to compensate for those effects on our shooting ranges from 100 – 500 yards. Ranges are situated throughout the ranch and simulate the types of pressures and environments that may be encountered on a variety of hunts throughout the world.

Expect to spend a great deal of time in many challenging shooting scenarios and positions, adjusting for environmental conditions and surroundings to know when you can and more importantly cannot make the shot. You will become adept at observing your immediate surroundings and utilizing items in those surroundings to support your body position while getting ready to make a shot – old stumps, rocks, and tree limbs can be quite useful.

These courses are perfect for rifle calibers ranging from .223 to .338. Each 4-Day course fee includes five nights and four days of lodging, meals and beverages

Courses are:

4 Day Precision Intense Course

4 Day Precision Level II

4 day Precision and Hunt Combo

4 Day Safari Course to prepare you before you go to Africa

2 Day Double Rifle Course

Exotic and Whitetail Hunting:

You will hunt from blinds, safari style in vehicles or on foot depending on weather, animal movements and hunter preferences. Most of the guide team grew up in the region and possess an intimate knowledge of the animals’ behaviors and habits. They recommend rifle calibers between .270 and .300 for all species on the Ranch.

Internet & Communications

Wi-Fi internet available

Changing Generations


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2024 Rates:

Field to Fork (5 nights/4 days) – $4,950 plus trophy fees
Precision I Class (5 nights/4 days) – $5,450
Precision II Class (5 nights/4 days) – $5,450
Hunt/Precision Combo (5 nights/4 days) – $4,950 plus trophy fees
Precision Prep Course (3 nights/2 days)- $3,950
Safari Class (5 nights/4 days)– $5,450
Safari Prep:Double Rifle (3 nights/2 days) – $3,950
Hunt only trip (5 nights/4 days) – $2,000 per person plus trophy fees

UNDER 21 at time of course is 50% OFF!

Call for more details and trophy prices


Trip Insurance & Cancellation Info

Trip insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment on this trip. We will assist you with trip insurance upon booking. See links at the bottom of this page for the two providers we suggest for our clients.

Family Expeditions, LLC confirmation and refund policy:

If your trip is more than 90 days out from date of departure, a 50% non-refundable deposit confirms your reservation and must be received within 10 days of booking to confirm your dates. All trips must be paid in full at least 90 days prior to the departure date. If your trip date is within 90 days, FULL payment for the trip is required. All payments to Family Expeditions are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your trip, we will do everything in our power to assist you in finding a suitable substitute or transferring your dates per the lodge/providers/government requirements. Trip insurance protects your investment!

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