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Argentina Luxury Wingshooting - Mixed Bag

Argentina Luxury Wingshooting - Mixed Bag

Argentina Luxury Wingshooting - Mixed Bag

Argentina Luxury Wingshooting - Mixed Bag

Argentina Luxury Wingshooting - Mixed Bag

Argentina Luxury Wingshooting - Mixed Bag

Fun Facts

Family Rating: Relax in Beautiful Setting, Great Couples Trip
Lodge Rating: Rustic Luxury
Lodge Capacity: 20
Season: Mixed Bag (Duck,Dove,Perdiz,Pigeon)-May to August; Dove & Dorado-September to April; Dove - September-April
Age Appropriate: 10 and older but activity dependent
Location: 1 1/2 hour from Santa Fe
Nearest Airport: Santa Fe, Argentina
Holiday Options: Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving
Activities: Cooking Classes, Fishing, Tango Show, Wingshooting
Species: Dove, Duck, Golden Dorado, Perdiz, Pigeon

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Our First-Hand Experience

This is the luxury brother property of some of our luxury dove hunting lodges in Cordoba. The owners of these two lodges have been working together for years bringing cutting edge luxury to wingshooting in Argentina.  Our clients rave over their time here.  Not only is the mixed bag hunting the finest in Argentina but the staff and level of lodging goes hand in hand.

We also love that their other lodge is very small so our guests sometimes love staying there where they can enjoy private time with their family or close friends.  Both are amazing experiences!


Argentina Luxury Wingshooting Mixed Bag

Argentina luxury wingshooting includes the mixed bag of duck hunting, dove, perdiz, pigeon, and dorado!  Argentina is known for its amazing hospitality and authentic estancia’s.  Your experiences here will set the standard for future trips to South America.  Chef prepared meals, friendly experienced staff, and a warm and inviting atmosphere along with the amazing variety of bird hunting brings the discerning hunter back year after year.  The season is short and limited space is available so planning ahead is a must for this opportunity.

This lodge is located in the province of Entre Rios just north of Buenos Aires. The Lodge was built in a colonial style which recalls a bygone era yet has all the modern features of a small luxury hotel. You will not be roughing it here!

Whether organizing mixed-bag hunts, high volume dove shoots or cast & blast combos, their operational strategy is simple: “We strive to out-perform our competition by offering the very best in hunting and fishing programs while also maintaining the finest possible lodge amenities.”

Entre Ríos Province quite literally translates into “between rivers.” Drawing from three major water systems fed by different drainages, this region is a composite of rich agricultural land surrounded by vast forests and marshes with abundant rainfall year-round. This unique topography translates into incredible numbers of waterfowl annually. Fantastic Argentina duck hunting can only be topped by adding dove and perdiz on the same trip!  You will not lack in pulling the trigger on this trip.Argentina Luxury Wingshooting Mixed Bag

The sporting rosy-billed pochard is the dominant species here, and the dawn skies can quite literally run black as these large-bodied ducks waffle into your decoys. Other species, such as yellow-billed pintail and assorted teal, are also present in bountiful numbers providing a variety of shooting scenarios. Couple these Argentina duck hunting morning shoots with afternoon volume dove shooting or perdiz hunts, and you have a complete recipe for gunning satisfaction.

This brand new Estancia lodge is situated on a cliff 150 ft. above the massive Parana River, affording breathtaking views of the river valley from each of its 10 spacious rooms.

On our numerous visits to Argentina, we have hand selected only the finest lodges for our clients.

AGE APPROPRIATE: 10 yrs and older depending on type of experience selected.  This lodge also has a very small lodge nearby that would be perfect for a family group seeking privacy and a more flexible schedule.

Accommodations & Meals

This brand new Estancia lodge is situated on a cliff 150 ft. above the massive Parana River, affording breathtaking views of the river valley from each of its 10 spacious rooms.

All rooms are equipped with 2 queen size beds, heating and air conditioning, private bath and patio with a view. Entering the Estancia lodge first takes you through the spacious gun room which is equipped with a gun rack and storage area for every hunter. The gun room opens to the reception hall which, among other things, offers access to the second floor.

The amenities of the second floor include Estancia spa which is complete with a steam room, dry sauna, massage rooms and indoor Jacuzzi with a view of the beautiful river valley. The reception area also leads to the elegant living room which is flanked by a bar and entertainment area on one side and the Estancia dining room on the other side.

Food and beverage

A long day of hunting or fishing will conclude with a return to the lodge which will be well-equipped for the enjoyment of a relaxing evening. An inviting fire in the living room fireplace and full bar will help set the evening in motion as you begin sampling a diverse array of hors d’oeuvres. Estancia favorites include pepper stuffed dove breasts wrapped in bacon and grilled over wood coals, pigeon breast “milanesa” (tenderized, breaded & fried), fried perdiz legs and local cheeses and cold-cuts. Argentine wines are famous throughout the world and the Estancia boasts a selection of some of Argentina’s finest labels. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy foreign varieties like the robust Malbec or Tannat.

Argentines eat dinner quite a bit later than Americans are used to, allowing for a lengthy cocktail and social time before dining. Dinner is served on china and a linen tablecloth in the Estancia dining room and always features a three course gourmet meal. The grass fed beef we serve is among the finest quality in the world and is complemented by our Argentine interpretation of classic continental game dishes. Our gourmet chef is well-versed in a number of specialties and takes pride in showing off an array of Argentina’s rich culinary heritage.

This well trained staff looks forward to another season as trendsetters among Argentine outfitters, we commit to hold fast to our rigid standards of excellence in hospitality, foodservice and of course unmatchable hunting which have fueled our success thus far.


Dorado Fishing – September thru April

The best freshwater Dorado fishing in the world is available on Estancia grounds within walking distance from the lodge. The Golden Dorado is a highly prized game fish that hits like a Wahoo and is prone to acrobatic leaps and runs. You may use spinning rods but many guests enjoy the challenge of a fly rod for these “golden tigers.” Dorado fishing may be combined with high-volume dove shooting for the ultimate “cast & blast” package. Fishing is year round but the best months are September-April. Among the best kept secrets for serious freshwater anglers is certainly the golden Dorado or Salminus Maxillosus of Argentina. This freshwater rarity has been likened to Tarpon, Tuna and even Wahoo and is a must on the travel itinerary of any serious fisherman.

You will fish out of the Parana River system which is the largest waterway in Argentina. This lodge is built on a cliff 150 feet over the river allowing guests accessibility to the riverbank in just a few minutes. While both fly cast and spinning are effective, most guests enjoy the former. The Parana proper is an enormous waterway home to a variety of large vessels navigating into the interior of the country but its reach goes far beyond what one sees bank to bank. It is in the vast system of streams and lagoons whose expanse may take one far from the visible river that offers what we consider the finest Dorado fishing in Argentina.

The diversity of the complex system on the fringe of the river is what makes our fishing program unique in offering an angler any number of fishing scenarios. It is possible to cast from the boat or a bank or wade a small stream any given day. Anything between an 8 and 11 wt. saltwater rod can be used although we typically recommend using a 9 wt. with floating, intermediate and sink tip fly lines. Several experts recommend using the Versi-Tip line from Rio which has choices for the head from floating to sinking. The seasons in Argentina are opposite of those in the U.S. meaning that October through March are warm weather months when the fishing is best. Weather in Entre Rios is very comfortable in warmer months, making for enjoyable days spent on the water.

To hook a Dorado is an experience in and of itself which can hardly be adequately described by words. Acrobatic leaps accompany finger burning runs as the Dorado tries to escape its fate. The ritual provides a real challenge and quite a workout for the angler as these “Tigers of the river” demonstrate their strength and fierce temper.

We always recommend fly fishing, but lure is also an option.  An average day of fishing would yield 8 Dorado.


Mixed Bag (Duck,Dove,Perdiz,Pigeon)- May through August
Cast & Blast (Dove and Dorado) – September through April
Dove Only – September through April availability

Dove Hunting:  SeasonYear Around

High volume dove hunting has put Argentina on the map as the world’s ultimate bird shooting destination. The quantity of doves in this region is among the most impressive in Argentina and the world. Shooting over 2,000 rounds a day is not unusual!

A day of dove shooting begins after a short drive to the field where your personal hunting guide has built you a natural blind and stocked it with an unlimited supply of the ammunition of your choice. A stool will be available for you and beverages will always be on hand. Doves can be hunted morning or afternoon at roosts or in fields close to feed lots.

The local dove population has exploded in the Entre Rios province in recent years due to an increase in commercial agricultural activity. This water saturated green countryside is increasingly being converted into fields for soy, corn and sorghum which have attracted unnatural quantities of voracious doves. Dove hunting is all pass shooting and can be very “sporty.” It is a perfect opportunity to shoot several different guns and pick your shots. The only limit is your desire to shoot.

Duck Hunting: May – August

There is a magic about duck hunting in Argentina. On a typical morning hunt, you will leave by boat before dawn. When you arrive at the appointed spot your guide will quickly construct a natural blind and set out decoys. You will begin to sense the moving shadows of pre-dawn ducks around you, so close you can hear their wings beat. Watching the sun rise here with ducks passing and decoying is worth the price of the whole trip.

Ducks are typically hunted in the morning, and the limit is a very generous 25 per hunt. The season is May – August, Argentine winter. Your primary target will be the large, majestic Rosy-Billed Poachard, the royalty of Argentinean ducks. In addition, you may see several types of beautiful and very fast teal plus the occasional tree duck or pintail. Duck hunting may take place in open water or in one of the many beautiful natural ponds.

Amongst the most common you will see rosy billed pochard, Brazilian teal, silver teal, ringed teal, white faced whistling duck, black belied whistling duck and fulvous duck.

Perdiz (Partridge) Hunting: May – August

The Tinamou or “Perdiz” as it is known in Argentina is a partridge which lives in the abundant grass of the vast Argentine countryside. Partridge hunting is classic upland shooting over pointing dogs. Anyone with a passion for hunting over dogs will appreciate this challenging alternative to high-volume shooting.

Partridge hunting is one of the most enjoyable, albeit challenging forms of hunting offered in our mixed bag program. Argentina is home to 15 species of partridge, the most common of which is the Spotted Tinamou. Partridges exist in large numbers in rural Argentina because they lay eggs 4 to 6 times per year and live in well-concealed locations. They survive on a diet of seeds and insects which, when combined with the fact that they walk more than they fly, is why partridges have what is perhaps the most tender and delicious breast meat of any game bird. Because of their strong inclination to walk, partridges also afford good scent trails to our pointing dogs. They depart with an explosive burst of speed, producing 40-60 yard targets as the whistle of wing beats pierces the tranquility of the rural setting.

Partridges are found in singles and pairs in the grass of the Argentine “Pampa” which covers much of the country. There are no thorns to worry about here, only the occasional giant Hare which may surprise you! The beautiful landscape of gently rolling green pastures which extend as far as the eye can see will be among the factors which make partridge hunting one of the most unusual and memorable aspects of your Argentine mixed bag experience. Partridge hunting is done over German Shorthairs and Brittany Spaniels (2 guns per dog) from the Estancia kennel and may be enjoyed either in the morning or afternoon during our mixed bag season, May – August.

you will be able to hunt 8 partridges per person per hunt. The Tinamou is the partridge you will hunt.

Pigeon Hunting:

Pigeon hunting in this area will once again prove that every hunt organized is based on quality and will be a great add to your mixed bag hunting. And the big difference between this pigeon hunt compared to others in Argentina, is that here you have no limits to worry about!

Your day will start early in the morning so be prepared to live a unique experience. Each hunter will be posted in his own natural blind and decoys will be set for the hunt to start. You won‘t believe what you see when the pigeons start flying, Blue Rocky’s and Picazurro’s will come to the decoys like you’ve never seen before and the shoot starts. After hunting for a few hours and needing a break, your field assistant will walk you to where a great barbecue will be waiting for you, there you will be able to share the morning experience with your friends and why not relax for a short siesta in one of the hammocks the staff has prepared for you.

The fun continues in the afternoon with no limit of shooting. If you decide you want to shoot with one of your friends, this can be done. Beverages will be available at all times and your field assistant will make sure you never run out of shells.  After an hour drive, you will be back at the lodge having an amazing pigeon hunt and realizing that this is not a once in a life time experience, this is something you must repeat !

Will I hunt in pairs? Only by previous request as natural blinds will be set for each hunt and are individual.



Tango Show

We have always thought that this lodge is more than a hunting or fishing lodge and we’ve wanted the guests to have a taste of Argentinean roots. This is why you can choose one night to be delighted by the Local Folklore Show or even a Tango Show right in the living room at the lodge.

Cooking lessons

After your second day at the lodge, for sure you will be asking the manager or the chef to share the great recipes you have already tasted. Imagine learning how to make the famous marinated partridge or ducks legs or maybe Oriental Duck Caserole. The cooking lessons are a great way to take this flavor back home and surprise your friends and family.

Wine tasting

Once again taking the experience to the next level, has renewed the Bar and has a new and bigger collection of wines that our Sommelier will want to share with you and friends. The idea is that one night, before dinner, you can all relax at the bar, learn a few tips about the incredible Argentinean Wines and combine them with an amazing dinner.

Allow us to plan some touring before or after your hunt to Mendoza, Patagonia or Buenos Aires.

Length of Stay / Itinerary

Typical Itinerary for Mixed bag will look like this:  Sample only

Day 1:  Arrival by morning and dove hunt in the afternoon
Day 2: Duck hunt in the morning, lunch at the lodge and dove hunt in the afternoon
Day 3: All day pigeon hunt with lunch at the field
Day 4: Partridge hunt in the morning and dove hunt in the afternoon
Day 5:  Duck hunt in the morning and dove hunt in the afternoon
Day 6:  partridge hunt in the morning and afternoon departure

If you would like to enjoy some touring before or after your hunt, we will happily assist you.  Wonderful additions to this trip include Mendoza wine country, Patagonia and Buenos Aires.

Travel Details & Location

Arrival and departure city is Santa Fe, Argentina.

Most hunters fly into and out of Buenos Aires and take a commercial flight to Santa Fe.

Private charters are available from B.A. to/from Santa Fe or even a landing strip closer to the lodge based on weather conditions.

Internet & Communications

You will have Wi-Fi and a land line available for you use

Changing Generations


pSister Teresa runs a school for under privileged kids where they are provided two meals a day and receive a good basic education. She also supports the local orphanage in Hernandarias. All this, including the actual construction of the school has been done with donations.  This outfitter supports Sister Teresa by giving the majority of the game birds to her school and orphanage. They also help by making cash donations to Sister Teresa and by asking any hunters who would like to help to give back in this way to make a contribution to her work. Not long ago, Sister Teresa opened a bank account for those who would like to help with orphanage and school. Many hunters have visited her at the school, only about two miles from the Lodge and have enjoyed meeting her and seeing what she does for the kids there. A few U.S. dollars go a long way for these kids.

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2024 Rates

Mixed Bag $1,210 per night
Cast & Blast $750 per night
Dove only $700 per night

Please call for updated pricing and details

Trip Insurance & Cancellation Info

Trip insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment on this trip. We will assist you with trip insurance upon booking. See links at the bottom of this page for the two providers we suggest for our clients.

Family Expeditions, LLC confirmation and refund policy:

If your trip is more than 90 days out from date of departure, a 50% non-refundable deposit confirms your reservation and must be received within 10 days of booking to confirm your dates. All trips must be paid in full at least 90 days prior to the departure date. If your trip date is within 90 days, FULL payment for the trip is required. All payments to Family Expeditions are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your trip, we will do everything in our power to assist you in finding a suitable substitute or transferring your dates per the lodge/providers/government requirements. Trip insurance protects your investment!

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