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Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting

Fun Facts

Family Rating: Must Join the Hunt/Fishing to enjoy
Lodge Rating: Very Basic, Tent
Lodge Capacity: Max 2 Hunters
Season: Winter, Summer, Spring
Age Appropriate: 14+
Location: Varies Based on Hunt
Nearest Airport: Varies Based on Hunt
Holiday Options: Christmas, Spring Break, Summer
Activities: Animal Photography
Species: Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Muskox, Other Bear Species, Snow Goose, Walrus, Wolf, Wolverine

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Your questions matter to us! What would you like to know about Canada Arctic Big Game Hunting?

Our First-Hand Experience

When we first met Shane, we knew his reputation of being one of the finest outfitters in the business was spot on! He is a man of high integrity and is incredibly skilled at his craft. His passion for the Inuit people flows into everything he does. Through the cultural programs he supports  and training he has done to empower Inuit’s to run their own businesses, he is truly changing the future generations of the arctic.

If adventure is what you seek, then you have come to the right place! This Arctic Outfitter is the oldest and most well-established in Nunavut, the northernmost territory of Canada. On a hunt with this outfitter, you will not only have an incredible trophy hunting experience but a unique look into the lifestyle and culture of the Arctic’s Inuit people. Enjoy hunting for grizzly bears and other bear species, muskox, walrus, snow goose, wolf, wolverine, and caribou.

These hunts will take you on grand adventures with their different traditional techniques. Depending on the hunt, you could be taking boats out to patrol drifting ice and rocky beaches, using dogs to help you track animals, riding on ATVs across the snow/ice, finding migratory herd crossings, and more. Each hunt will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime and insight into the traditional Inuit hunting traditions.

The three lodging options are extremely basic and vary based on your hunt. The first is a mobile tent which will be set up every night at the end of your hunt. This option will be used during spring bear hunts and allows you to follow the bears. The other two options are a basic plywood cabin and a local community hotel. Both have rooms that could be classified as the ‘bare minimum’.


Not only do we think this is an incredible experience, but so does Jim Shockey. Here is a summary of his personal testimonial about this outfitter:

“This lodge provides the five elements every hunt needs:

  • Family: You will be immersed in the family of your Inuit guide and trackers. You will meet their wives and their children. You will become part of the incredible community up there.
  • Culture: This is such an important part of any exotic hunting experience, and you won’t find a destination more exotic than Northern Canada. You will experience the Inuit culture and learn their ways.
  • Adventure: Where could you have more or expect more adventure than the Arctic? Riding on dog sleds, going out over the ice after Muskox, boarding boats on the Arctic Ocean to go after Walrus. It will be an adventure, but you’ll be safe on this adventure because that is what this lodge does.
  • Humor: That’s what brings the smiles on a hunt. You quickly learn that humor is a big part of life in the Arctic. They have to laugh, and they love to laugh; it is a part of their ways.
  • Big Animals: When you are with this lodge you are going after the biggest bears, walrus, caribou, muskox; all animals from the last ice age.

This Outfitter has been in business for 40 years. I have travelled all over the world, and I haven’t seen any place where the relationship between the outfitter and the local people is so together and so balanced.

Some of my fondest memories are being up in the Arctic with the good Inuit people, guides, and friends, and experiencing what it is like to be on the land with these people.

This is one of the best outfits that I ever been a part of and ever experienced around the world.”

Accommodations & Meals

Where you stay depends on the time of year and the hunt of choice. The options range from mobile tents to a community hotel. All are very basic. We will be able to tell you more about the lodging options when we know what you are hunting and when.


All hunts are fully guided.

Grizzly Bears: Spring

All grizzly bear hunts will take place in prime inland and coastal locations in Nunavut. The spring hunts are conducted using snowmobiles for the most efficient transportation. Nine out of the top ten grizzlies harvested with this outfitter are found in the SCI record books! You can expect bears from 7ft and up.

Other Bear Species: Spring and late summer/early fall

Hunts for other bear species take place in the spring and late summer/early fall. All hunts are 1×1 guided and 10 days. You can expect bears between 8 – 10.5’. Bow hunters are welcome.

Spring Hunts: For this hunt, you will stay in mobile tents which will be set up at the end of each day’s hunt in your current location. This hunt takes place on the sea ice in prime areas which may be up to several 100 km from any Inuit community. You will be using dogs as you traverse the ice, in traditional Inuit fashion. Spring is the time of year when bears are actively hunting seals and as April approaches the rut starts.

Late Summer/Early Fall Hunts: The lodging for these hunts varies based on the preferred hunting areas selected by your guides. You will stay in either a basic plywood cabin, a local community hotel, or both throughout your hunt. These hunts are conducted by boat or ATVs as the snow and ice are soft or melting. The season begins Aug 1 and is the best time for a joint bear and walrus hunt. The bears are not as active at this time of year.

Walrus: Summer

There are two options for your hunt. The first is an ice experience. You will go by boat with your guide through the drifting ice to find large-tusked walrus hauled out on the ice. This first option is regularly regarded by adventurers as one of the World’s Top 5 Adventures.

The second option is also by boat, but your guide will take you along the rocky shoreline of islands where you will see hundreds of walruses congregating together. You will search to find a large-tusked walrus.

The walrus hunts are very well suited to non-hunting observers who are interested in photography and experience the Arctic way of life.

*Please note that Walrus are not exportable into the United States for taxidermy, but we have an excellent company we recommend who makes replicas.

Muskox: Spring, summer, fall

This hunt is what this outfitter considers, “one of the most fulfilling ways to experience Inuit culture and the Arctic.” There are two species of muskox that you can hunt in the Arctic: the barren ground muskox (the largest species in the world), and the Greenland muskox. The Greenland muskox is a hunt for only the most adventurous hunter and takes place in the most primitive hunting area. There are spring and fall options to hunt Muskox.

Caribou: Summer and fall

You will be hunting for the Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou. The prime hunting area you will be in is set on spectacular tundra with river and streams throughout and is a crossroads for several caribou herds. The herds are a mix of the migrating caribou and the wintering caribou. You can expect a strong representative of the species. The meat from your hunt will be harvested and shared with the Inuit community as it is an essential part of their diet and culture.

Wolf/Wolverine/Snow Goose:

These are great additions to your hunt depending on the time of year you go. These are species you would not regularly go on a solo trip for and add incredible experiences to your other hunts.


While on the trip you will have the opportunity to have community and cultural experiences with the Inuit people. You will hear and see their traditions and join in their way of life.

Depending on your hunt there will be photographic opportunities.

Length of Stay / Itinerary

All hunts are 5 to 12 days depending on the hunt chosen. All bear hunts are 12 days. We can combine multiple species for a longer hunt.

Travel Details & Location

Varies based on the hunt.

Internet & Communications

Little to no communication or internet availability. Satellite phones, Zoleo and Inreach are the best modes of communication.

Changing Generations

This Outfitting company is completely immersed and respectful of Inuit Culture and Tradition. The Inuit hunting heritage is over 4000 years old. This company provides guide training that is all Inuit taught and respectful of Inuit Culture and Tradition. A hunt with this outfitter will not only provide harvest success but an adventure and memories that will never leave the forefront of your mind.

Beyond the hunting season, this Outfitter is actively a part of sponsoring traditional Inuit cultural activities year-round such as throat singing, drum dancing, elderly sewing classes, carving programs. They also provide funding for books and other educational supplies, various community feasts, the Inuit men’s hockey team, youth skating programs, fishing derbies, Christmas food banks, and more.

Trip Insurance & Cancellation Info

Trip insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment on this trip. We will assist you with trip insurance upon booking. See links at the bottom of this page for the two providers we suggest for our clients.

Family Expeditions, LLC confirmation and refund policy:

If your trip is more than 90 days out from date of departure, a 50% non-refundable deposit confirms your reservation and must be received within 10 days of booking to confirm your dates. All trips must be paid in full at least 90 days prior to the departure date. If your trip date is within 90 days, FULL payment for the trip is required. All payments to Family Expeditions are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your trip, we will do everything in our power to assist you in finding a suitable substitute or transferring your dates per the lodge/providers/government requirements. Trip insurance protects your investment!

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