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Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Fun Facts

Family Rating: Must Join the Hunt/Fishing to enjoy, Relax in Beautiful Setting
Lodge Rating: Rustic but Nice Lodge
Lodge Capacity: 4 Hunters plus observers
Season: February to November
Age Appropriate: Likely 6 years and older
Location: Gobabis, Namibia
Nearest Airport: Windhoek
Holiday Options: Fall Break, Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving
Activities: Firepit, Horseback Riding, Shopping, Swimming Pool
Species: Eland, Gemsbuck, Kudu, Plainsgame, Waterbuck

Why Family Expeditions?

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Your questions matter to us! What would you like to know about Namibia Hunting Safari – Kalahari Desert?

Our First-Hand Experience

Lifelong friend Elizabeth joined the Family team for her very first safari as we visited this family outfitter.  During our visit, we spent time in the Caprivi Strip where this safari team holds one of the most amazing concessions in Africa where Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Leopards, Sable, Kudu and Roan roam freely.  Following out time at tent camp, we journeyed to the home property.  We were delighted to stay in the family compound and see the property that has been in their family for many years.  Treated like family, we enjoyed family style dinners next to the outdoor barbeque followed by relaxing conversation in the evening by the fire pit.  Here the hunting days are spent in the classic manner…on foot or even horseback!  We were delighted to see numerous species and herds for an entertaining adventure.  We were taken by the genuine hospitality and lack of pretense we encountered.  Our hosts have every right to boast yet they do not!

Namibia Hunting Safari – Kalahari Desert

Feel like you are going home to visit your best friends in Africa!  Christine, Koos, James and their families cannot wait to see you and share the experience of a lifetime on their glorious land for your Namibia hunting safari!  The vastness of this Namibia safari area and the extraordinary skill of your veteran PH’s (Professional Hunters) provides for the finest trophies while at the same time providing a safe experience.  Your hosts can proudly say that over their 20 years (since 1994) as a safari company, they have succeeded in harvesting trophies of outstanding quality to the great satisfaction of hunting clients. Numerous trophies qualified for gold medals and have closely defined the standard of what they hunt.  This veteran safari operation meets and exceeds our stringent criteria for an amazing hunting destination.

Why Namibia?  Simply put, it is one of the safest if not the safest country in Southern Africa.  The people are kind and the government is very favorable and supportive of the hunting community.

Only one group at a time is hosted on this property.  They do not mix groups.  Thus, over hunting is not a worry.  Namibia Hunting Safari - Kalahari Desert

Embark on your Namibia safari hunting where there are more than 20 hunt able species. Located in the east of Namibia on the western edge of the Kalahari desert. This is the original hunting gathering area of the tribal Bushmen.  Your hunting area traverses 450,000 acres of bush-veld savanna with over 45,000 acres personally owned by your hosts!  Key to success is that they own their own property and have exclusive access to some of the finest hunting in Africa.  Family owned and operated.

What sets this outfitter a part from the rest?  Veteran dangerous game certified professional hunters with decades of experience.  Add to that some of the very finest bushman trackers in the industry…amazing to watch them at work.  Your professional hunter enjoys a reputation as one of the most amazing trackers in the world as well.  Add to this, you and your team spend the full day in the field hunting and enjoying lunch in the field.  Should you wish to hunt on horseback, they maintain a wonderfully well trained team of horses on property.  Spend an evening or more if you wish under the stars in their tented fly camp telling stories around the fire pit overlooking the productive watering hole.

Integrity.  These are the kind of people that you want to spend your safari with.  They are dedicated conservationist hunting in the proper style of spot and stalk and looking always for mature animals.

Unique opportunities that you may wish to add even more adventure to your safari include horseback safari and fly camp.  Make these the focal point of your safari or add them on as a fun adventure for a couple of days during your safari.  This is your Namibia hunting safari that will be customized for you.

To top all of this, this same outfitter has the exclusive rights to the finest Namibia safari concession in the Caprivi Strip with amazing trophy quality for Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile, Sable, Kudu, Roan and more.  Whether this is your first safari or your tenth, you will be hunting with some of the finest people on some of the most outstanding hunting properties available today on the African continent.

As with all of our African properties, private aircraft are available for transfers if you prefer.

Accommodations & Meals

Your home away from home is nestled on the home property within the Kalahari desert sands.  A lush green oasis amidst the desert where your comfortable lodge sits.  Three well appointed guest rooms each with ensuite bathrooms and large comfortable beds.  Guests congregate in the homestead with overstuffed chairs and draw dropping trophies on the walls.

After the adventures of your day, enjoy sun downers (drinks and appetizers) around the fire pit sharing the stories of your day.  Dinner in the evenings might be set around the outside barbecue  and dining area in the dim light of the fire pit.

The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed.  You will feel like you have come home.


Enjoy amazing safari access to hunting areas that traverse 450,000 acres of bush-veld savanna with over 45,000 personally owned by your hosts.

Each day will begin with a hearty breakfast at daybreak.  You, your professional hunter , and amazing trackers will then begin your adventure for the day with your lunch packed.  As game is spotted, the hunt begins always making sure the winds are in your favor.  Proper spot and stalk hunting is practiced throughout your hunt.  Return to camp in the evening for a delicious home cooked meal and tails to be told around the fire pit.

On a typical day, you and your team will spend the entire day on safari returning to the safari lodge at the completion of your hunt for the day.  However, as this is an exclusive use property for you and your guests, your schedule is flexible.  The team will cater to your desires.

Mature animals of the highest trophy quality are sought.  You will experience more than a hunt, you will learn of the land as you walk and you will experience authentic adventure around every turn.

Unique Opportunities:

Horseback safari:  If you are looking for a unique experience, try your hand at a horseback safari.  Whether you spend your entire safari on horseback or mix it in for a few days, is your preference.  Your horses for this adventure are accustomed to easy riding.  You do not need to be an expert but riding experience would be preferred.  As game is spotted, you will dismount your horse and stalk after your prey.

Fly Camp:  Take a night or a number of nights and spend time under the stars at your tented fly camp set around a productive watering hole.  Your meals will be prepared by your experienced camping cook and are likely to include a BBQ (African for cooking on the rugged grill).  A great way to experience the bush!

Professional Hunters:

Your professional hunter plays a major role in your African Adventure. His extensive hunting experience will ensure that you will obtain the best trophies in an ethical way and make your safari the experience of a lifetime.  You will be hunting with a legendary professional hunter and his highly skilled son as well as other highly experienced PH’s.

Your lead PH will be Koos who was born in 1952, grew up on a farm and has started hunting at the age of five (5). Tracking and hunting became his lifestyle and passion. Later on he became one of the most competent and respected trackers in the country and is widely acknowledged as a fundi on tracking – really one of the best you can find.

He took up professional hunting in 1987. He has built up the numbers of game on his land from zero to hundreds in different species through proper game and land management. He was awarded honorary conservationist by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 1995. With his excellent knowledge of ecology, the ecosystem and animal behavior, he can explain the ways of the wild in a simple and understandable way to every age and experience level.

He has hunted the Big Game concessions in northern Namibia since 1994. With his patient nature he can guide old and young, newcomers as well as experienced hunters for the experience of a lifetime.

Storied history:

James and Christine are the managerial team backed up by the support team. Our association with Namibia dates back 150 years (1855) when our great grandfather James Chapman, the hunter-adventurer was the first European to have crossed Namibia from east to west.

Bow hunters and rifle hunters are welcome

Bow hunting will be in classic spot and stalk style with sitting at watering holes available for certain species. Spot and stalk hunting is encouraged.

Bird hunting:

During August through November bird hunting is a nice add on activity for Dove, Francolin, Grouse and Guinea Fowl.  They have shotguns for hire and two clay machines for warm up.

Dangerous game opportunities:

Along with this magnificent Kalahari hunting property, they have the exclusive rights to the finest hunting concession in the Caprivi Strip area of Namibia for dangerous game animals.  The Bwabwata National Park is synonymous with amazing trophies and hunting.  Not to be missed if you are after huge mature trophy Elephant and Cape Buffalo.   Take a look at this fantastic opportunity at this link:  Namibia Dangerous Game hunting Caprivi Strip

A once in a lifetime experience.  Your accommodations along the Okavango River in tents with the sound of Hippos and lions calling in the evenings and during the night.  Simply unbelievable!  This is the finest dangerous game experience that we have experienced anywhere in Africa.


Other Activities include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Town visit to Gobabis
  • Relax at the pool
  • Hike along on safari and take in the breathtaking flora and fauna in the area.  Stalk close to game and enjoy them in their natural habitat.

Length of Stay / Itinerary

The suggested itinerary if for a minimum of 7 nights as this allows time for you to settle in and enjoy your surroundings and build close bonds with your hosts.

A great addition to this itinerary is to combine a hunt in the Caprivi Strip.  At a minimum, it should be considered for future adventures.

The lodge is two hours east of Windhoek and you will be collected by the lodge representative for the road transfer.

Travel Details & Location

Your final destination is Windhoek, Namibia where you will be personally greeted by your professional hunter for the road transfer 3 hours to the lodge.

Family Expeditions will assist you with flight coordination whether you book flights yourself or choose to use our Africa flight specialist.

Internet & Communications

Although we strongly recommend that you relax and unwind during your safari, fax, cellular phone reception, telephone and internet facilities, and satellite television are available for clients who may wish to make use of them

Changing Generations

More than just a hunt!  You are contributing to the sustainability of a culture. You will find as the onion is peels that this outfitter genuinely loves their country and the people.  Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are donated each year to the improvement of the land, education, people and so much more.  It is from the heart that Koos, Christine, James and the rest of the family give back to their communities.

Here are just a few examples below of their amazing generosity throughout Namibia but particularly in the poorest of the Caprivi communities.

  • Donate to train 40 local people to become drivers and obtaining licenses.  This enables the beneficiaries to secure great jobs and care for their families
  • Donate to train 8 local people to become fork lift drivers so that they can provide for their families
  • 400 school uniforms donated
  • 4×4 pick up truck donated to the community which helps them to be able to pick up supplies and transfer people to receive training.
  • Donating a mini bus for transportation
  • Put new roof on office for the community and updated with computers and paint etc.
  • Aiding in bringing fresh water to central areas without access to water
  • Training center donations to help people to get jobs
  • Securing donations from outside sources to assist in training teachers
  • Donation of animals harvested.  Every bit of the animal is eaten by locals.  Nothing goes to waste!
  • WOW!


Pricing on request

Call for more details and updated pricing

Trip Insurance & Cancellation Info

Trip insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment on this trip. We will assist you with trip insurance upon booking. See links at the bottom of this page for the two providers we suggest for our clients.

Family Expeditions, LLC confirmation and refund policy:

If your trip is more than 90 days out from date of departure, a 50% non-refundable deposit confirms your reservation and must be received within 10 days of booking to confirm your dates. All trips must be paid in full at least 90 days prior to the departure date. If your trip date is within 90 days, FULL payment for the trip is required. All payments to Family Expeditions are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your trip, we will do everything in our power to assist you in finding a suitable substitute or transferring your dates per the lodge/providers/government requirements. Trip insurance protects your investment!

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