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Stalking Wild Game in Africa Part Two

Continuing on from part one.  Here are some more tips on stealth stalking wild game in Africa:

6.  Keep your eyes on the wild game and on your path.  Four eyes are better than two.  A good PH will notice if you stop and he will stop as well.  Sometimes you see wild game looking at you and he has a different vantage point.

7.  Do exactly what your PH says to do even when you don’t know why.  If he says to draw your bow, you draw your bow.  If you were rifle hunting and he set up your shooting sticks and told you to get ready, you should do just that and be ready to shoot when he tells you to.  On one of our stalks on this recent trip, I was after a great warthog.  The PH told me to draw and I couldn’t see anything!  I didn’t draw.  The 12 plus inch warthog stepped from behind a bush and I then attempted to draw.  The warthog, of course, saw me and I was busted.  Had I listened to my PH who could see the warthog and his body language, I would have gotten my warthog.  I learned my lesson and and took a fantastic warthog that afternoon.

8.  The obvious tip is…not talking.  Your PH will whisper to you or give you hand signals to tell you what to do.  If you absolutely must then whisper back if more than a head not is needed.  While stalking wild game it is critical to be quiet.

9.  Keep your hands to your side or behind your back as you stalk.  Flailing arms and hands are quickly seen by game.  Either keep your hands in your pockets or behind your back like a ski jumper or on your weapon.

10.  Clothing suggestions.  A light weight face mask and dark gloves are a must.  Here are suggested colors:  Olive green, dark khaki, medium grey.  No light khaki, white, black, colors or chocolate brown.

11.  Watch your shadow.  Ernst was telling us that he does not worry about shadows on the ground as much as he does on bushes.

12.  Other thoughts on bow hunting that are not stalking related.  Take an extra bow fully geared.  Take extra string and all equipment and tools.  Ask you PH if he will have access to a bow press or a stocked bow shop.  Purchase a great bow case with a lock for travel.  Well stocked bow shops are only found in a few locations in southern Africa.  You must be prepared.  The more you know about fixing your own bow, the better off you will be.



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