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Why Family Expeditions?

What do we do?

We walk hand in hand with your family designing your outdoor sporting vacation.  Some prefer an all hunting or fishing vacation, some a photo safari in Africa and others like a combination of hunting, fishing and touring.  You may have a mixed interest family where some want to hunt or fish while others like other activities, that is a common request for our family team.  Once your selection is made, we walk you through trip preparation, coordination of flights, travel insurance, how to pack and all other details so that you can “Just pack and show up!”

Why do we do what we do?

We love sharing our passion for the outdoors with others.  Assisting families and couples in building lifetime memories together is our greatest reward.  We always look forward to visiting with you after your adventure to hear all about it.  That is a highlight for us!

Where do we go?

With our assistance, your family may choose from our proven destinations all over the globe.  Including but not limited to South America, Africa, United States, Alaska, Canada, Europe, Bahamas and Central America. 


Our commitment to your family/couple vacation is that you will be well cared for by experts in the field, worry free, engaged, comfortable and you will have memories to share for a lifetime.

How do we give back to the local community?

Over the last few years alone, we have donated over $300,000 to various charities through auctions.  Some of these include:  West Dallas Community School, Dallas Safari Club, Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, School and Church auctions and more.

How do we give back to communities all over the globe?

As you wonder through our website and visit various destinations, you will see a tab called, “Make a difference”.  When you click on this tab on various destinations, you will see the difference that outfitter is making in their local community.  Our outfitters are making a difference all over the globe and we are supporting their efforts by sending them like minded people like you.  The Family Expeditions team is dedicated to conservation and ethical hunting and fishing practices.  We want to do our part to preserve hunting and fishing for the next generation.


We love details!  You can relax because we have already addressed your concerns.  Our family will assist you with your flights, travel insurance, evacuation/medical rescue insurance, travel inoculation service at your work or home, the detailed information below and more.

What is included?

Every customized trip includes meals, lodging, and guides.  The information that we provide you will list every item that is included and not included in every adventure.

With every carefully planned trip you can expect the following:

  1. Trip selection through the eyes of those that have experienced the destinations personally.  Assistance with flights, trip insurance, logistics, and all the other details involved in planning a vacation full of new experiences.
  2. Pre-Trip Planner – This gives you all the information you need to have to make an informed decision about an adventure. You will find all the details of what is included and not included in the cost, as well as other pertinent information, such as the type of accommodations and food.
  3. Clothing and Equipment List – Not more and not less than you need to pack to ensure a successful and comfortable adventure.
  4. Final Countdown – All the last minute details such as emergency phone numbers, internet availability, cell phone service and who will meet you at the airport.
  5. Voice to voice or face to face final observations before your trip – You may visit with your trip planner face to face  when possible or over the computer to make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed before your adventure begins.
  6. While you are on your trip – We will be in constant contact with the outfitter while you are on your expedition.  We will contact you on the trip to hear that your adventure is exceeding your expectations
  7. When you return – We can’t wait to hear about your trip!  This is the best part of what we do!

Find Your Perfect Adventure!

select one or more of the categories below to choose your adventure

Discerning travelers, if you do not see exactly the destination that you seek on our website do not lose heart. We are constantly visiting new destinations to give you the most cutting edge experiences. Email us or give us a call to discuss your next outdoor family vacation.